Positive College Living

College Students Living with HIV

Are you a college student who is living with HIV? 

We know very little about the experiences of college students who live with HIV. The needs of college students with HIV are likely unmet and unknown to most colleges and universities.  I am conducting this study to improve the college experiences for college students like you– I hope you will give serious consideration to participating.

My name is Michael Denton, Ph.D., and I am an instructor at the University of South Florida.  I obtained my doctoral degree at Miami University (Ohio) in Student Affairs in Higher Education.  

My dissertation used principles of AIDS activism to study the lives and experiences of gay college men living with HIV.  My research is an anti-AIDSphobic and anti-homophobic examination of the affective self-construction of these men.  Although the current student is complete, in the future I plan to work with other student populations with HIV.  

This website stands as a resource page for all college students living with HIV regardless of your sexual identity.  Please see the resources page for more information.  You can also contact me via the form below.